Classic American Rifles


A rifle is a gun that is usually fired from the shoulder level. Most have a long spiral grooved barrel whose role is to spin the bullet making it more accurate especially over long distances giving accuracy.

Some of America’s classic rifles:

1. The Marlin Model 336

This model was introduced in 1948. Since then, there have been more six million 336 model rifles that have been introduced. The rifle is best for hunters and this model, despite using a number of variations; it has mostly chambered the 30-30 Winchester and the 35 Remington cartridges.

2. Winchester Model 70

The Winchester model 70 was introduced in 1936. It is mostly referred to as The Rifleman’s Rifle’ It is also a favorite for most hunters and sport shooters. It is a favorite because of the mauser-style extractor that ensures a reliable feed. It is also has a 3-way wing tip safety giving it great accuracy.

3. Winchester Model 1984

It is commonly referred to as the Model 94. It is best known for deer hunting. It is light, comfortable, has fast shooting and is highly effective for shooting in short distances.

4. Savage Model 99

This model was released in 1899. It is one of the most classic deer hunting rifles. It is referred to as the one of the greatest all round deer rifles ever made. It has a decent trigger; one that takes a well to the scope and thus firing to a high intensity giving accuracy. It is also referred to as the ultimate lever action design. This rifle was also the first to use smokeless powder.

5. Winchester Model 100

Introduced in 1960 as a twin to the model 88 level, the Winchester model 100 is a 6.5 pound caliber rifle with a 19 inch barrel. It is also quickest to learn on how to handle.

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There are over 10 American classic riffles with Winchester being among the best. Most of these rifles are mainly used for hunting and sports. And each is used for different hunting purposes dependent on as hunters’ reference.